Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Velvet Cupcake Wine!!!


We saw this at Albertson's last week and I was floored. I mean I've had Cupcake Winery before but just their Rosé sparkling wine (the night Charlie gave me my ring!) and I've tried their whites, but Red Velvet!? How could I resist?

We had it before dinner with a bit of Scharffen Berger's 65% cacao chocolate bar. In December of 2008 Michelle, Melissa, Michelle's brother Jimmy and I toured the Sharffen Berger factory in Berkeley and that's when I fell in love. I've never been a huge dark chocolate fan, but theirs is creamy and delicious and tastes amazing. The pairing was awesome.

The wine had undernotes of mocha, blackberries and creamy chocolate and is recommended to pair with Smokey sweet food such as big juicy Bacon cheeseburgers.

It's a "California Red Wine", sampling from several vineyards in what I can only guess come from the Alexander and Napa valleys, but to us it tasted like a sweet Cabernet. Just like a red velvet cupcake it was dark, rich and left you craving more.

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  1. Does anyone know how to find nutritional values on specific wines? I've looked everywhere!

  2. I (used to) like Cupcake Wines and was very happy when they offered a rebate over the holidays... I submitted my rebate for $3.00 a couple months ago and kept all my receipt information. I allowed time for processing and called to follow up when I did not receive. The woman who answered at the rebate center (Ashley) was very unhelpful and could care less about my rebate. I asked for a number/email address for Cupcake Wines and the rep indicated with total disinterest there is none. Are you kidding me??? BEWARE CUPCAKE REBATES/PROMOS.

  3. I too am still waiting for my rebate money after submitting it last November......over 3 months ago !


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