Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Pretzel Sticks! (A Pin a Day #7)

Huzzah! I did it! 7 days of trying pins and making ish work! Woot!

So anyway, this last one is kind of a cheater one... but technically is was a pin I saw...there just isn't a tutorial, because 1. it's kind of self explanatory, and 2. someone needs to learn how to Pin things *cough cough*.

Anyway, I saw the picture and I decided to make this another fun thing to do with Audrey while she was visiting us for a few days. The kid is 6, so she's got the attention span of a commercial break, so the projects we do have to be quick and easy, or she will just rush through them to get back to the Disney Channel and drive me insane with the amount of work I put into it verses the amount of care she put into it. But like I said, she's 6...

We don't have her this year for 4th of July, so I figured we should do a fun holiday project for the BBQ we're going to on Wednesday, and since it involves licking the spoon and sprinkles, plus a trip to Micheal's she was totally into it.

Who doesn't love a chocolate covered pretzel with patriotic sprinkles?

You will need;
  • 1 package of white Candy melts (you can find them at craft stores, like Micheal's)
  • 1 package of pretzel rods
  • red, white and blue sprinkles!
First you will need to melt your candy in a double boiler. This is very easy to do, so don't fret. Place a heat proof bowl inside the rim of a larger pot, with a couple inches of simmering water. Do not let the water boil or get too hot, as the candy will scorch and get lumpy. Stir until the candy melts and remove from heat.

Next, transfer the melted candy into a tall glass, and place the glass into the warm water to keep it from hardening. We use the tall glass as it makes it easier to dip the rods into.

Dip your pretzels into the melted candy mixture and transfer to wire racks to decorate and cool. You will have about 5-10 minutes to decorate the rods before the candy hardens, so no need to be in too much of a hurry.  Audrey took care of the decoration portion of the program. It's best to not let the kids dip the pretzels into the hot candy without a good portion of supervision, so let them be the sprinkle masters.

We used 3 different kinds of sprinkles for variation.

When the pretzels are dried, place in an air tight container, or just eat them!

Have a Happy 4th of July!!

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