Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So it's almost been two months since I've posted. I have a new boyfriend, so free time has been limited. It's not that we aren't eating and taking pictures and coming up with new ideas, we totally are, it's just that all the free time I have I would rather spend doing stuff than sitting in front of the computer trying to think of witty things to say about the food I eat.

Gratuitous LegomanPorn. Jealous?

I digress...

I am sorry, please forgive me! Gary (Legoman) and I went and saw Julie&Julia (it was pretty cute and inspirational) and we both kind of wanted to keep the blog going and as updated as possible. I promise I'll try as hard as I can!

We have been eating SO MUCH SUSHI lately, and since I am against eating my aquatic friends because I love them so and the process of digestion is physically painful for me, Gary will be taking over all things fish in a new lil segment we're going to call "Gary Eats!". He doesn't do red meats (mammals) and I don't do seafood, Seafood & Steakhouses are going to be an all out feast. I am looking forward to it.

Gary tackles $0.99 Fish Tacos at El Zarape in Univeristy Heights.

You do forgive me right? I mean look how cute he is!

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