Thursday, March 5, 2009

In-n-Out Burger

For as long as I can remember, In-N-Out Burger has been a fast food staple in my life. In fact, other than Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out Burger is the only other fast food place I will make exceptions for.

In-N-Out Burger
Various Locations throughout CA, AZ, and NV
and now UT!

My mother introduced me to In-N-Out burger at a tender age, and my choice dejour was a cheeseburger, with extra pickles and ketchup only. She taught me that if you special order your meal, it will always be fresh. Over the years I have gotten a lot more adventurous with my choices and the freshness factor has never been an issue here.

Quality you can taste!

At every store I've been to, and they have LOADS of locations, it's always been clean, fast and efficient. Despite this fact, there is always a line, and always a wait. In my experience the typical wait time, be it through the drive-thru, or inside is around 10 minutes. Luckily everyone is there for the same thing, and everyone, in my experience have been very friendly. In fact, while I was there an older gentleman struck up a conversation with me about where I was from and told me about his experiences growing up with In-N-Out Burger.

Working hard to make my burger.

The menu is very straight forward and easy to read. Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers of various meat and cheese denominations, fries, soft drinks and shakes. If it seems too simple and plain to you, there is a special secret menu that the locals and loyals know by heart, full of variations of the staples, including grilled cheese, low carb options and the ability to customize your burger's meat and cheese factor expoentially.

The Basic Menu.

I, in fact, use the secret menu to order my food, getting a Double-Double, Animal Style (mustard cooked, with spread, and grilled onions), no lettuce or tomato, and extra pickles (somethings never change). I get my fries well-done, with a side of spread, yet sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly gluttonous I'll opt for them Animal Style as well, which comes topped with spread, cheese and grilled onions.

Double Double, Animal Style with well done fries.

If I steer towards a shake, its the Neopolotian one, consisting of equal parts vanilla, chocolate and strawberry yumminess in that familar palm tree adorned cup. Today I decided on just a plain ol diet coke with my giant burger and fries, yes *I AM* that person.

The familiar Palm Tree cup.

In-N-Out Burger tops many "Best of" lists and after having one it's pretty easy to understand the hype. It's the only fast food burger I will eat, and it rivals many more expensive burgers I'd had at well known restaurants. For the value, service and quality, In-N-Out truely is what a hamburger is all about.

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  1. I FEEL DOUBLE JIPPED! My friends that I was with told me that it was a very expensive restaurant! Next time I go I am going to purchase their whole menu and take it back with me to Florida! haha

  2. What?! haha very expensive? It's like 2.50 for a burger.


    I always laugh at Rodney's approach to the mathematical ordering of a burger at In-n-out

    ""One of the neat things about the item is how you can order it. Preference is assigned to the number of meat slices vs the number of cheese slices, resulting in the nomenclature of [#[meat]] x [#[cheese]] - i.e. a 2x2. (The attached photo is a 3x3.)""

    anyways. you can't go wrong with a good ol' 3x3 animal style with no onions. :D


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