Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oatmeal in the SDUT

Yesterday mornings food section of the San Diego Union Tribune had a huge tribute to Oatmeal.

If you get the UT, check out the paper, if not you can click here.

I perused the recipes submitted by readers and have included some of my favorite variations below. Enjoy!!


Easiest recipe ever. Follow recipe for Bisquick pancakes (healthy version) on the box. Substitute 1 cup of oats for one of the cups of Bisquick. Fluffiest, lightest pancakes!

– Harriet Wolpoff


My favorite, almost daily, oatmeal routine is to cook a single serving of quick oatmeal, then stir in a small spoonful of almond butter and toss in a small handful of chocolate chips and cover for a minute. This is very addictive, but my justification is there is no added sweetener, salt or cream.

– S.L.


Our favorite oatmeal recipe was actually from the Union-Tribune. It's Apple Cranberry Breakfast Pudding. I add coconut, which is obviously optional, but we like it. Also, I have made it with dried cranberries when the fresh were not in season.

– Andi Kosnar

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