Sunday, June 14, 2009



So the other day, I went out to lunch with a friend to Capriccos for some pizza. I was just tempted for some reason to type "'za" even though I think that is the STUPIDEST abbreviation for pizza ever. Odd.

We shared a large pizza pepperoni and garlic pizza, half black olives (yuck!) and half artichoke hearts (huzzah!).

Their crust is super delicious, thin and crispy but soft, a bit too soft to hold up the hot pizza on it's own, but I just used a fork and knife anyway. I know, I know, kinda pansy, but I was wearing white! Girls? Back me up here.

The inside of the joint is very Mom&Pop, which I really love in small restaurants. Lots of pictures of Italy on the walls, big comfy booths, and a small lunch crowd.

They open at 11:00, and we got there around 11:15, so that would also account for the tiny crowd, but nonetheless, the food was dang good. They also have the cutest lil kitschy waiting area consisting of old movie theater chairs, which I thought was really cool.

I only ate about 2 slices, and the rest was promptly boxed up and taken home, though I didn't get any leftovers, so I have no idea how they are!

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  1. ummm no. Za is a perfectly acceptable abbreviation for pizza.


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