Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Town Mexican Cafe

Old Town in San Diego is widely known as the "Birth Place of California". It was the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California and where Father Junipero Serra established the very first mission in 1769. It was at one time, I believe the Capital, before it moved North to Sacramento. It also has some of the best Mexican food sit down restaurants in San Diego by my standards.

The other night I went there for dinner, to my favorite of the lot, Old Town Mexican Cafe.

OTMC, as it's so affectionately called by the patrons and staff, is one of those gems, nestled in the foothills of the Presidio of Old Town. They have women, in the windows making fresh tortillas out of Masa right there for you to watch.

That's one of my favorite things, fresh handmade tortillas, nothing is quite better. For that reason alone, OTMC has some of the BEST taco shells I've ever had. Crispy, soft, thick, warm, and for lack of a better word at the moment, moist. *shudders*

Inside on their indoor patio, colorful traditional Mexican decorations adorn the walls and ceiling. It makes me feel like I'm actually in Mexico enjoying authentic fare. The mariachi band rounds out the ambiance beautifully.

For dinner I chose the chicken taco, cheese enchilada combination plate. As promised by the sight of the women patting out corn masa nice and flat, the tortillas were amazing.

My friend, Jake, got the fish taco plate. I assume it was delicious because it was eaten, but I did not wish to try it because of my deep seeded hatred for eating my scaly aquatic friends, and also the fact that it makes me sick.

I think you can tell the quality of a Mexican restaurant by the beans, Jake thinks it's rice. I thought both were pretty dang good. Despite the patio chair poking me in the tuchis, the meal was delicious and filling, and the service was great. Our waitress was decently informed and recommended very good choices for us both.

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