Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buitoni Pasta!

So this morning I got a HUGE box delivered from Foodbuzz!! It contained my Buitoni Pasta samples I had requested a few weeks back. Inside the huge box was lots of syrofoam, ice packs and some lovely Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti.

I will say that first and foremost, they couldn't have sent me a worse pick because generally I am not too hot on mushrooms, but I sent a text to Kristi about meeting her for some Starbucks later and I asked her to come over for dinner so we could try them out.

She showed up around 5:30 with some random ingredients ad we planned a rough menu and then headed out to get what we didn't have on hand.

We ended up getting some parsley and sugar snap peas....


and some Margarita mix for later!

Then we headed home to concoct some delicious foods.

We started off by dividing the agnolotti into two, one for the appetizers and one for the meal.

For our appetizer we made Italian panko breaded agnolotti and artichoke hearts, deep fried them and served them with a creamy marinara sauce.

First we dregged the agnolotti and artichoke hearts in flour, than in an egg wash and finally into a mixture of bread crumbs, panko, Italian seasons, Parmesan cheese ad parsley, then flash fried them in hot oil. The creamy marinaria is made by mixing equal parts marinara sauce with ranch dressing, I know it sounds odd, but trust me.

For our meal Kristi and I wanted to make a sauce that just enriched the yummy flavor of the pasta, so we started with some butter, and left it to brown in a pan. We then added sweet peas, and diced pancetta and let them sautee.

The browned butter was then drizzled over the boiled and drained mushroom agnolotti, and topped with the sauteed pancetta and peas. Mizithra cheese and chopped Italian parsley was sprinkled on top.

The Pasta was tender and delicious. The mushroom mixture inside held up almost as if it were meat, and the cheese was a lovely addition. We both decided that we would love to try these again, and all the other flavors of Buitoni pasta. If you want a nice light meal with a buttery nutty flavor, this sauce is perfect.

Berta and Kristi's Browned Butter Sauce:

4 tbsp Butter
1/2 c Pancetta, diced
1/4 c fresh sweet peas
2 tbsp Mizithra cheese
1 tbsp chopped Italian Parsley

Brown the butter in a medium pan on medium heat. It's best to cook it long and slow, you want it browned not burnt. When the butter starts to change color, add the pancetta and peas and allow them to sautee until butter is browned. Drizzle over pasta of your choice and top with grated mizithra. Garnish with Parsley. Enjoy!

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