Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hell hath no fury like a hungry girl scorned.

I am a nice person. I feel as if I need to preface this post with that, not to convince you all of the fact, but to just let you know that I think on a good day, I am a pretty nice person. I have many people who can attest to that. In fact, if you read my blog you should know I hardly ever write mean, or bad reviews on places, and I try my best to be understanding of circumstances and constructive with my criticisms. Tonight, this will not happen.

I hardly find myself to be in such a mood that could be construed as "Scathing", in fact most of my demeanor is usually bright and cheery with lots of lulz. And on an entirely different note, today was a really great day, I worked hard, I sold a few Blumes (OMG YAY!) and I had a generally easy time home through virtually no Los Angeles traffic. On the way home, I got a hankering for some Cream Cheese Wontons. If you have never had any, order some post haste. But do not, under ANY circumstances, order them from Wokcano in Burbank. Ever. Seriously. I'm not kidding around people.

Tonight we ordered take out from there. WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. EVER!!! Not only can their hostesses not properly take down an order, but they give you "bitch-I-will-cut-you" attitude when you call back to let them know they forgot your Singapore Fried Rice. The conversation about said fried rice started off nicely enough.

Me: Yes hello, I just ordered some take out and you seem to have forgotten the rice *bats eyes and grins ever so sweetly*
Her: What was your name? I'll look you up.
Me: Roberta.
Her: One moment.... Yeah you didn't order that.
Me: No I'm sure I did.
Her: Well then I didn't hear you.
Me: Well I paid $23. Your Orange Chicken can't POSSIBLY cost $23.
Her: You got rice and soup too.
Me: Yes, that's $3.50 with an entree.
Her: No. It's not.
Me: Well it says that on your menu.
Her: What menu are you looking at?
Me: *confused* The one on the website. It says soup, rice and salad for $3.50 more.
Her: Yeah that's wrong. We don't do that.
Me: Well then maybe you shouldn't put that on your menu.

This line of back and forth misguided information went on until frankly I had had enough and asked to speak with the manager, something in all honesty, I've NEVER done, but freaking eh, $23 dollars for soggy "crispy" chicken, a box of dry white rice and bowl of not so hot and sour soup? He wasn't much help either and he copped even more passive aggressive attitude as I got progressively angrier.

Him: Yes, how can I help you.
Me: I didn't receive my fried rice.
Him: You didn't order it.
Me: But I did.
Him: No you didn't.
Me: I asked for it, I have 2 witnesses hear me say it, it's not my problem the hostess didn't write it down.
Him: She doesn't write it. It's in a computer.
Me: Whatever! Your website CLEARLY states I get rice, soup and salad for $3.50. I was overcharged and not given the rice I ordered.
Him: We don't use that menu.
Me: Well then MAYBE that should say that SOMEWHERE on the website? No?
Shuan in the background: Does this mean I'm not getting my rice?

This also went on for awhile, with me posing various threats using websites such as Yelp! and CitySearch, but in the end I figured the best way to be angry would be to put it down in a blog post. He told me I could complain to a higher power if I wanted and said I wasn't letting him speak. I won't mention what I said in retort, but by now my food was cold, and I was very very angry that the MANAGER of an establishment I've spent money in was giving me just as much attitude as his employees. In all fairness to him I was being quite snippy, and Shaun and Jordan were laughing at my explosion in the other room, but man hasn't he heard something about the customer being right? I would have paid for the rice, but an extra $10 for COLD SOUP and some white rice?!?! Not to mention the tip I gave the driver! PLUS the online menu that they don't even use has NO PRICES on it whatsoever EXCEPT for the "Add $3.50 for complete dinner..." stuff that they DON'T EVEN HONOR! NOWHERE on the website that I could find did it say anything about every location having a completely different way of pricing everything to use at their own discretion.

In the end, to make me happy, the manager said he would send the rice to the house, rush order, without charging me the extra delivery fee for an item I didn't receive when I paid that very same delivery fee earlier.

Shaun and I went down to the gate to wait for the delivery guy. He jumped out, handed me a bag, smiled (I could see his fear) jumped in the car and drove away. We came back upstairs and I said to the boys, "See? The lesson for tonight is that if you stand up for yourself, you can get free rice!" and Jordan quipped in retort, "Once."

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  1. Dude, make sure you tag the HELL out of this post. Those chodes would get what's coming if this entry is right on up there with the first page of Google results. Did you get the name of the manager?

  2. I will pass this on to my friends in LA! I'm scathing just reading about it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. My head hurts just thinking about that! I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself regarding your rice. This kind of BS happens me all the time. Staples tried to screw us on a price last week and we said hell no and scurried away to Best Buy. It's service like we're experiencing that shows why small friendly eateries survive and Circuit City is closed!

  4. @Tenshi; I tagged more, what else do I need? I'm gonna Yelp them too.

    @Jayma; Good! They are the WORST! Even if the food isn't THAT bad, its just UGH!

    @Hedgie; YAY! I am too, I never do this kind of thing, but it was sooooo liberating haha


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