Monday, April 6, 2009

Acai Rio Bowl

Opera raves about it, Rachael Ray can't live without it, no one can pronounce it (ah-sah-EE) , and I freaking love it.

Recently I've been buying it in juice form and adding it to my morning smoothies. I really like Sambazon, it's organic and has 80% juice (it's got some agave in there to help sweeten and smooth it out) At around $7.99 for a 32 oz bottle, and even cheaper when it's frequently on sale, it goes a long way for little cash. They also have an organic Acai, Pomegranate and Blueberry mix, but I'd yet to try it, if you have let me know.

I usually have my Acai 2 different ways, as juice in my smoothies, or in a frozen almost sorbet like form with granola and bananas (Rio style!). I got my idea from Robeks Juice, they have a great one.

So yesterday I went down to Albertson's to replenish my staples and look for a frozen version before I figured I'd just have to google it and make it myself, and lo and behold! (Sambazon also has one but I've yet to make it to a store that carries it)

So I decided to be a champ and make some of the granola I saw at Robeks on my own and see if I could get the same results.

Following my granola recipe, I used;
1 c Rice Krispies
2 c Coach's Oats (or your favorite oats)
1/2 c Bran flakes
1/4 c raw sunflower seeds
1/4 c flax seeds
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp brown sugar

Here's the Rio Bowl at Robek's;

And here's mine;
(more banana ftw!)

The bran and sunflower seeds add a nice flavor, and the krispies give it a great crunch. Overall very close to the original, especially if I can find the Acai sorbet, and forgo this Blueberry Pomegrante blend.

My other method involves a blender, so if you want my Acai Smoothie recipe you gotta go here.

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  1. What an interesting sorbet! You used it well. Thanks so much for following me!

  2. He he Robeks, that was an interesting place. They also had wheat grass, in sod form. that was the first time I had ever seen anything like that :/. So-Cal is such a different place from dumpy old Atlanta.
    Yours looks better, (because of all the bananas)
    but what's wrong with a little pomegranate and blueberry with your acai? :(
    I happen to like those flavors.

  3. That's how ALL wheat grass comes darling. :P

    And there wasn't anything WRONG with it, just not what I set out to find.

  4. @Joie de vivre; Thanks! I found you through Amanda and had been reading on and off, so I decided to finally follow!

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