Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She's Crafty

I'm making hair flowers!

Micheal's was having a sale on all their spring flowers so I took advantage and grabbed up a few stems. Below are the results so far.

I've made these for myself on a personal level before and had so many friends ask where I got them or to borrow them, that I thought I would expand on a larger level and make them to sell. I'll be selling them at my salon in LA for $5-10 and if there is any kind of demand I may put them up on Etsy. Seems like I'm the only person I know WITHOUT an Etsy account.

I have NO NAME for them other than "Hair Blossoms" so if you have ANY ideas, throw them in the comments and let me know. There might be a free one of your choice in there if someone can come up with something that blows me away.

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  1. Very pretty! The Big Bang Theory had an episode where Penny made something like this (hilarity commenced) but yours are WAY more attractive. The name is cute. The only other one I could think of so far was "Blossoms by Berta". Good luck!

  2. Yes! Penny Blossoms! Hahahaha I need me some nerds to up production.

  3. Berta!! You should so make me one!! I love them!

  4. I've got a ton! and I'll be in LA this weekend if you wanna hang out or something!


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