Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The GM Diet Plan : DAY SIX

Yes! Maintaining a 5lb weight loss. Time to up the water intake!

Today is Meat and Veggies day!

Day Six

Eat unlimited amounts of lean meat (fish / chicken) or cottage cheese and vegetables.

We were running around a lot today, so we had some cucumbers with lemon to snack on and the we got another bare bones In-n-Out Burger. Plus TONS of water. I think so far today I've had at least 12 glasses of water. TMI; I've been running to the bathroom all day!

We came back home to make dinner and were sooooo happy that we got to eat chicken!!!

So we made......

Veggie Stir Fry...

...cucumbers with lemon...

...and Greek Chicken!!

OMG it felt soooooooooo good to eat chicken again! I missed it EVER so much! :D

Yesterday, and most of last night, all that beef kinda made my tummy all topsy turvy, since I'm not really used to eating that much red meat in one day. But today I felt really energized from all the iron and protein, so I suppose that is the plus side.

Tomorrow for the most part, things get to go back to mostly normal, and we've already started talking about implementing a very healthy diet plan to stick to involving lots of whole foods and grains.

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