Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Hookah Dot Com!

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to buy my own hookah set up. In a typical week we would hit up a Hookah Bar at least once, and one time at a Hookah Bar is going to set you back at least $25. You can see how this can and has already added up.

I enlisted the help of my ol pal JimJesus. He's e-famous for being a badass, and he knows his way around a hookah like no other. All of this means he was the perfect person to ask. We twittered (tweeted?) back and forth over a few days, getting ideas and recommendations for my set up and finally I headed down to's Wherehouse in Glendale.

I walked in, with just a tiny piece of paper in my hand from JimJesus, and a vauge idea of what I wanted the end result to be. George helped me, and took me into the showroom, and offered so much amazing advice on every hookah they carry. I had no idea really, of what I wanted, I just knew I wanted it to be amazing, cost effective and somewhere in the medium size range.

This is my baby.

That's right. She's pink.

George also got me set up with a really awesome hose, which is also pink.

Next he took me into the other wherehouse where the keep all the coals, accessories and SHISHA! I setttled on 4 different flavors.

Hookah Freak's Smashing Pumpkin and Scooby Snack, both of which are AMAZING and I will be buying again. And HookahHookah's Margarita and Key Lime Pie, which are both very decent as well, but not as good as the others. Kristi has also made some contributions to the shisha collection with some StarBuzz Blue Mist and Tangerine Dream, which are both awesome on their own, or mixed which is what we usually do. I can't wait to go back and get more flavors.

I opted for the Vortex Bowl, which unlike traditional bowls, the air holes are on the side of a piece that comes up from the center, than on the bottom. This is great for me cuz I tend to smoke a lot of "wetter" shisha, and I find that it likes to drip down into the Hookah. This doesn't happen anymore.

For coals I opted for the CocoNara, which came HIGHLY recommended by JimJesus, and I grabbed some Three Kings quicklights for when I am without a stove or burner. George threw in some of the Shishaco Coals for me to try.

They are very similar to the CocoNara, and a bit less expensive. Both use vegetables and coconut husks, instead of trees so the are eco-friendly, and have less ash and waste. PLUS, they taste like almost NOTHING when smoked. The Shishaco ones have a slight taste, where the CocoNara have NO taste, but both were VERY similar.

All in all my whole set up ran me under $130, and the boys down at The Hookah took very good care of me. If you live in the LA area, make sure you visit the wherehouse and if not, they also do internet orders and ship all over. Thanks Guys! I LOVE MY HOOKAH!!

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  1. Hey Berta thank you for the awesome review. Glad you like your hookah. That pink looks badass!!!



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