Monday, May 18, 2009

The GM Diet Plan : DAY FOUR

Lost another pound! Huzzah!

Today is pretty much the day I was looking forward to the least. Banana and Milk day. Blech. I'm not the hugest fan of bananas, or milk, and I assumed today would be really difficult.

Day Four

Eat up to 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. Day Four makes up for the lost potassium and sodium.

I started off the day with 2 1/2 bananas and a glass of milk. The night before I had frozen a few of the bananas for easy banana shakes, they also make a really delicious creamy almost ice cream like treat.

I took 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 1 regular banana, 8oz of 2% milk, and a dash of REAL vanilla extract to help me keep it down, and threw it all in a blender.

I blended it for about a minute, until it was smooth and creamy and transferred it into my awesome "green" Venti Starbucks reusable cup. The shake itself was actually really good, and a lot better than expected. It tasted almost exactly like a banana milkshake that you would get at a diner.

For lunch we headed over to GG's for some of their non fat, no sugar froze yogurt, assuming this was pretty much as close to milk as you could get, and topped it with some of their yummy banana chips. Not EXACTLY what the cleanse calls for, but come on, ONLY milk and bananas?!?!? Gimme an inch people.

We headed down to Starbucks for some ice waters and unsweetened iced passion/green tea and enjoyed our delicious FroYo. Oddly enough, we got a size or 2 smaller than we usually get and could hardly finish half of it. The cleanse so far has made us both a lot less hungry and a lot more full a lot faster! Huzzah!

Jim met us down there to give us some words of encouragement and then we went to go see Star Trek, which, BTDubs, was AWESOME! Floating in space much? And I was a good girl and resisted every single urge I had to get popcorn! Yay me!

For dinner I had another shake whist drooling over the smells of a hot thin crust pepperoni pizza baking in the oven.

All in all I had about 5 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. I tried ever so hard to finish those dang 'nanners, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Tomorrow is Beef and Tomato day, and I am anticipating it ever so.

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