Friday, January 16, 2009

Bossa Nova

I don't eat out very much, except when I'm;

A. With friends, or
B. Out of town

So with this weekend, me up in LA working, and needing some "Adam time" both of those things occurred in one evening.

Meet Adam

He's my boyBFF, and I love him the mostest. I met Adam at a mutual friends birthday party in LA 4 years ago, and we've been so chaotic ever since. He just moved apartments into Hollywood and within walking distance of one of our favorite restaurants in LA. He said the fact he could walk there was a major selling point in signing the lease.

In comes;


It's this nummy Brazilian place with amazing food, and it's pretty cheap at around $10-15 a plate. We started off with an appetizer, Fried Yucca.

I know it looks like french fries, but I assure you it's really the root of the cassava plant. They pretty much taste like french fries, but have a bit more substance to them. At Bossa Nova they serve them with ketchup, but I assume with most fried side orders you can dip it into almost anything. We've never tried cuz it's usually gone by the time anything else arrives.

Then we ordered our meals and our drinks.

Although I love me a limey salty cold corona, I had to opt for the Caipirinha. They have several different alcohols they use there for them ranging from $7-8. Since I didn't really specify which one I wanted he brought me the "expensive" one. It was pretty strong and amazingly delicious.

Adam ordered the Havana Sandwich with plantains;

And I got the Traditional Chicken. It comes with rice, black beans, plantains, tomato chutney and yucca flour.

And we both had leftovers! Adam took his home, but I opted not to seeing as I was just in town for the night and didn't have a proper place to store it. Our whole meal only cost about $50 which, for a night out, appetizer, and drinks, is pretty dang good.

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