Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok, so I will say that mostly, when I tried it, I hated Pinkberry. Adam and I went there a couple years ago when one opened down the street from his old apartment. When I tasted it, I LITERALLY said aloud, "This tastes like a yeast infection".

What I meant by that was, supposedly when you get one, you should eat yogurt? Cuz it like helps you out or something? I dunno. After saying it, I thought, "Oh god, you're so dumb people are going to think you know what a yeast infection TASTES LIKE..."

But Pinkberry really does taste like sour yogurt. I'm used to the faux ice cream tasting yogurts of olde, in crazy flavors like Snickers Pie and Pistachio, not this Original, and Green Tea crud. I think I hated it the first time cuz I got Oreos and nuts expecting vanilla and instead got sour plain yogurt.

Since then, I've had Pinkberry a few more times, and I've tried other flavors and liked them a bit more. One time I got coffee, with oreos, chocolate chips and almonds and it tasted like a sour version of a mudpie.

THIS TIME they had a new flavor.

POMEGRANATE!! I opted to try it since I think that pomegranates are slightly sweet and sour anyway and they had a pomegranate topping as well.

I got the small pomegranate pinkberry with pomegranate seeds and yogurt chips. This was funny to me cuz my toppings were exactly what I was eating. Pomegranate and yogurt chips on pomegranate yogurt.

I ended up taking forever to eat it because I'm not a fan of chewing up the seeds, so I got a little cup to spit them into. By the time we walked back home mine was pretty much melted but it was still good. I'm going to recommend the Pomegranate Pinkberry to all those Pinkberry haters out there cuz it's not a bad flavor, and I think maybe good ol' Pinkberry deserves another shot.

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  1. I like to call it crackberry. I want it right now. Pomegranate pinkberry with pom seeds and yogurt chips is my fave!

    I call it a POM-POM. get it? LOLz


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