Monday, January 26, 2009

Pat & Oscars

Today the family went to the Mall to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Usually my mom and I have movie/lunch dates and we go see something really mushy or girlie together. It makes me feel like less of a sap if I'm taking my mom, plus I don't really enjoy super girlie movies now that I'm older and have taste. But since Benjamin Button got such great reviews, and so many award nods, my dad wanted to tag along.

It's hard to eat out at the mall, especially "healthy". Sure there is subway, or salad bars, but those get old quick. We had an hour to kill. We wanted to sit down. We wanted GOOD food.

Enter, Pat & Oscars! It's a Southern Californian chain and in my opinion an institution. I have been noshing at Pat & Oscars since high school, and it's always so good.

It's the kind of place where you ask your friends, "Where do you wanna eat?", and someone will say, "Well.. there is always Pat & Oscars." and everyone says,"OMG PAT & OSCARS OMG YES!".

My dad had never been there, but my mom and I had been to many events catered by them. I've mentioned before that my dad is VERY PICKY when it comes to what he believes is "good food", and folks, I think we have a winner.

They have these really great meal combos for 1,2 or 4, and be warned, they are HUGE.

We got the Lemon Chicken meal for 2 which came with a WHOLE chicken, a medium greek salad and 8 breadsticks.

I had a plate full of salad,2 breadsticks with their YUMMY House Mustard Dressing, (makes it taste like a hot pretzel! OMG YUM!!) and a chicken breast, skin removed.

Anything my mom and I couldn't eat, my dad finished. I thought with the amount of food we had we would have at least a few leftovers, but that idea quickly faded. It was more than enough for 3 people for lunch. Even the meals for one are pretty big. The whole meal cost under $20, and I'm sure the next time any of us are in the area, be it for a movie or just shopping, that we will stop in for lunch again.

On a side note, the movie was pretty good. Kind of a tear jerker if you see it with your mom, but still cute. The makeup and CGI was amazing. A bit different than the short story, and longer than needed, but still a nice movie.

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  1. Oh we used to love Pat&Oscar's when we lived in Orange!


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