Friday, January 9, 2009

Peanut Butter, hold the Jelly, Time.

SO to start this thing off right, I made myself some lunch. A healthy snack! AND! I counted calories! Something I *rarely* do. Thanks to the back of the Ritz Cracker box in the pantry, I got a fabulous idea! Crackers, Peanut Butter and Apples!

It's disgustingly amazing to see just what you're SUPPOSED to have as the "serving size" as to what people actually eat. This is only day one and I've already had one food epiphany.

Fun yummy snack foods can be healthy if serving sizes are actually followed!

Go figure.

Past me, could have sat and eaten a sleeve of Ritz crackers with some cheese or turkey, without even thinking twice. And since Ritz crackers are so good, it seems an utmost shame to just rightfully toss them aside. The suggested serving size for Ritz is only FIVE CRACKERS!! And that 80 calories alone! That's 16 calories a cracker! That's like eating slightly less than 100 crackers for THE WHOLE DAY. Granted it is A LOT of crackers to eat, but still!

Peanut Butter is worse! It's a healthy fat, but at just 180 calories for 2 tablespoons, it can add up quickly. 16 tablespoons of peanut butter for the WHOLE DAY and nothing else.

And lastly apples. Apples are my friends because they are so delicious and are super good for you, but the sugar content in them kinda kills it for me. I googled "How many calories are in an apple?" and got answers ranging anywhere from 80-200 calories each. I don't know what kind of apple I had. It had yellowy red skin and was delicious, so I'm thinking somewhere in the Fuji-ish family, which puts the caloric intake at around 100 calories per apple. I shared mine and only had half.

So in total for lunch today I had about 280 calories, which isn't too bad. I'm striving to maintain a 1200-1500 calorie a day diet, which means I have at least 920 left for my afternoon snack, dinner and a light sensible dessert.

I'm also taking extra vitamins, and some green tea diet pill/appetite suppressants my mom swears by, and a weight loss pill for my own curiosity. This is the combination of giant horse sized pills I take a day...

I am also adding to the mix, my BRAND NEW WII that I traded my soul in to get for Christmas! THANKS SATAN! err.. Santa...Mom. Whatever. I have affectionately named him Lil'Wii, and hes my best friend. I have been looking everywhere for the Wii Fit, but I'm assured I will get one soon. CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME!

And just for some before and after reference... Here's a picture of my, in a dress, face blurred to get some comparison for when I am beautiful and in shape again!! (I don't really have self esteem issues, self deprecation is just my style.)

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  1. So for the past month I have been working out 3 times a week.... started at 25 minutes on the exercise bike and now I'm to 40 minutes. I haven't really changed my eating but the exercise really helps with my mood and energy....

  2. Yeah, I just HATE the gym :<

    Thats where the Wii Fit comes into play. I'm going to start boxing with Wii Sports, and when the weather warms up, start swimming laps again.


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