Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chicken Shwarma

This is the recipe that started my Greek kick tonight. Brian was linking me to things he and his family had enjoyed and one was for Chicken Souvlaki. Then another friend mentioned Chicken Shwarma and the rest just fell into place. The difference is that Souvlaki is on a skewer, and shwarma is in a pita. Take souvlaki off skewer, put into pita and VOILA!

The original recipe can be found here, mine is a bit more tweaked. Either will work.

You start off with the basic ingredients;


* 4 chicken breasts, cut into strips
* oregano
* garlic powder
* 3-4 garlic cloves, pressed (if you don't own a garlic press, mince them)
* seasoning salt
* cracked pepper
* juice from 2 small lemons
* Extra virgin olive oil

First I took the chicken, and sliced it into long thin strips, cutting off any excess fat or skin left on from the butcher.

Next I juiced the lemon and added the oil to it in a large shallow marinating tray and added the spices until I had a nice pasty consistency. I often don't use exact measurements in my cooking, so if I were to have to give some I'd say about 1-2 tablespoons of each of the spices. I just sprinkle until it looks right to me. Into that mixture I tossed in my cut up chicken and stirred it around with a spoon until well coated, covered it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to marinate for about an hour.

While I waited I made my homemade hummus, and tzatziki.

About an hour or so before dinner was ready, I brought the chicken back out and impaled them onto metal skewers. If you don't have metal, or perfer to use the wooden ones, make sure you soak them in water first so they don't burn on the BBQ.

Then they will go onto the grill! If you don't own a grill or BBQ, or even a George Foreman, you can cook them in a grill pan or large skillet. I used the outdoor BBQ. Grill for 4-6 minutes on each side depending on how well packed the skewers are and how thick you cut your strips, on a low to medium heat.

Chicken should be white and hot throughout, and slightly charred on the outside when done.

Slide off skewers, put into pita with your choice of fillings and enjoy. I used sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, hummus and tzatziki.

This is what the finished stuffed chock full of goodness product looks like.

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