Sunday, January 25, 2009

I LOVE the Wii Fit!!

Lil Wii Fit!

Seriously! I got it, and in about 3 days, I've lost 3 lbs and a point off my BMI! It's pretty inspiring!!

If you own a Wii, and wanna get fit, I recommend getting the Wii Fit. It's really easy to use and it's totally motivating.

This is the step aerobics, one of my favorites. As you use it and get better, you unlock the Advanced, and Free step programs.

I prefer the Advanced cuz it's got more fun moves and the Free Step is pretty rad cuz you basically set how long you wanna go for, switch over to TV, and just watch it while the Wiimote takes over as your trainer, keeping track for you as you step on and off.

Also, my personal trainer like totally flirts with me all the time.

It's also got a great competitive edge with a high score board.

Mombo even created a Mii and works out after I do. She beat my basic step aerobics score, and has been having a lot of fun unlocking new yoga poses and advanced menus.

The boxing is pretty rad, and I LOVE the yoga. I've noticed more flexibility, and my skin being tighter, plus I'm pretty much sore all over. I love it!

This is my daily set up. Water bottle, Luna Bar, Laptop (with plurk omg) and my sweat towel. Oh and also my wiimote and nunchuck!

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  1. I want a wii fit tooo!!! Too bad I don't even have a wii though! :P Happy to hear things are going good!! :-D

  2. Awh, I want the Wii fit now! -lol-


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