Sunday, February 22, 2009


Every time I'm ever in Atlanta I have to go to The Flying Biscuit Cafe for breakfast. It's a rule I have. I make no exceptions to this rule. Ever. It is literally THE BEST BREAKFAST in Atlanta for the price, selection and overall yumminess of it. Even before I had ever moved to the ATL, I had friends and clients tell me that when I visited to make sure I stopped into The Flying Biscuit for breakfast, because it shouldn't be missed. Ever. They had no idea how right they were.

One of my favorite breakfasts there is the Egg-stravaganza. This time I opted to switch it up a bit and get The High Flyer instead. Oddly enough, Brian went for the Egg-stravaganza instead of his usual High Flyer. We know what we like, and we hardly stray.

The High Flyer; two eggs scrambled served with their signature chicken breakfast
sausage (OMG!), their AWARD winning grits, a FAMOUS FLYING BISCUIT

...and an organic oatmeal pancake with warm peach compote

Egg-stravaganza; two eggs scrambled (with cheese) served with their signature
chicken breakfast sausage, crisp turkey bacon, grits and flying biscuit... whole wheat french toast topped with raspberry sauce & honey creme anglais.

Brian reminded me that I forgot to mention those little tubs of what looks like BBQ sauce. That's their nummy Apple Butter and its so insanely good. It tastes like Christmas. I bet you're looking at the screen thinking WTF? But when you try it, you will totally agree. It's all appley, and cranberryish with cinnamon and nutmeg and all those yummy flavors of the holidays on a big giant fluffy biscuit. Mmmm!

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  1. It does in fact taste like Christmas. I was a non-believer at first. Because I was unsure as to why or how Christmas could in fact have a taste. I know it has a smell, but now I am sure it has a taste too. and this would be it.

  2. God I hate you. I suppose I better take a shower and walk down the street for breakfast now. I was planning on being lazy BUT NOW!! Now! Look what you've done!!

  3. Oh! I'm glad I could have helped! YOU'RE WELCOME

  4. SO that's what the french toast looks like!! Mmmm!

  5. Its pretty good, but really heavy. I've gotten it before but I think I like the pancakes better

  6. I miss Flying Biscuit. Moment of silence, please.


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