Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mexican Food

I was born and raised 30 minutes North of the Tijuana border. I have had Mexican food in Texas. I have had Mexican food in North Carolina. I have had Mexican food in Hawaii. I have had Mexican food in Georgia. I've tried almost every Mexican food place in LA. I've even had Mexican food in Mexico. But no matter where I go... it seems that nothing compares to Mexican food from San Diego.

Sure there are crappy Mexican food places here too. Played out chains, dying on the vine "healthy" taco stands, even "Fresh Mex".

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to a run down, hole in the wall, 24 hr taco shop in a strip mall. I can guarantee that most San Diegans will attest to this.

Now I know I'm trying to eat healthy, but sheesh, give a girl in need of a little night life a break! I mean what do you expect me to do? Eat cardboard and stay inside? Sometimes you just need a little girl time.

They will kill me for posting that, but they claim to read my blog, so I guess this is the ultimate test. That's Dana on the right and Kristi on the left, and in the middle, yours truly. It's not the best picture of us, but what do you really expect after this?...

Thank God that a few drinks, with the girls in Pacific Beach warrants a midnight run to a run down, hole in the wall, 24 hr taco shop in a strip mall. Cuz how I've survived for so long without one is beyond me.

Enter, Cotijas on Garnet Ave in PB. Home of the $2 burrito. Seriously people. Beans, cheese, rice, $2.13. Heaven in a big, giant flour tortilla.

Yes, that is indeed my hand, and yes that is the actual size of the $2.13 burrito filled with all its beany, cheesy, ricey goodness.

Covered graciously with the freaking most delicious hot sauce in the history of the world.

And yes, I ate the hell out of it.

Did I feel bad this morning, upon waking (without a hangover thank you very much)a bit past 10:00am? Nope. I stepped on the scale and not much hadn't changed. In fact! When I Wii Fitted today, it said I had lost .2 lbs!

Ha! Take that drunken Mexican food cravings!

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  1. Well now you can't yell at me, because here I am, on your blog!! I always look evil when people take pictures of me! You should warn me!! Anywho, YES, the Mexican food was amazing, and EXACTLY what we needed after our time at Plum Crazy... I <3 Berta!

  2. I commend you excellent taste in Mexican food, especially the hole-in-the-wall places. They are simply the best. Why? Because it is cooked by real Mexicans who take pride in their cooking, that's why. Check out my blog and see how to make some in your own home.


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