Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pear Hookah

I saw a video.

The guy in it annoys the CRAP out of me, but he's got a lot of information.

I don't smoke generally. I never have or ever will smoke a cigarette, but I do enjoy the ritual and presentation of the Indian Hookah. It's a really awesome tradition, and it's interesting to be a part of it.

Below you will find my picture blog of how I made the Pear Bowl. If the guy in the video annoys you too, feel free to check out the pics below instead.

Start with a fruit that's shaped kind of like a bowl. You can pretty much use almost any kind of fruit though. At Sinbad's in PB they use apples, pears, pineapples and even watermelons!

Cut both sides so it stands flat.

Hollow out the inside of the top of the "bowl" very carefully using a spoon. Make sure when selecting fruit to get a firm, slightly UNRIPE variety, or else they won't stand up to the heat of the hookah. You will also want to use an apple corer, or a very sharp paring knife to drill a tiny hole from the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the fruit. This is where the smoke will come through and where the bowl will sit on top of the hookah. Test it and make sure it fits before you fill it, or you'll be backtracking.

When you're all ready, you will fill your bowl with the tobacco. Make sure you just sprinkle it in, and not pack it. There needs to be room for air flow. We got ours tobacco at the local Hookah Bar, (what a RIP OFF!) but there are lots of websites that sell flavored tobaccos. Starbuzz is one of our favorite brands. Below we used Sweet Peach by Layalina.

Next cover it tightly with tin foil, and make some holes. The best way I found to keep the foil tight on a fruit bowl, is to use a stapler.

The rest is pretty simple if you've ever made a hookah. Place bowl. Add hot coals. Smoke. It should look something like this...

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