Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's always sunrise in Philadelphia

There is nothing worse when traveling than an extra long, unnecessary layover in a strange city. Unfortunately I had one that lasted slightly over 3 hours after a red eye flight into Philadelphia, fortunately Alex, who helped design the Epicuriosity Logo lives in Philly, which means I had someone to visit with, joke with, and most importantly have breakfast with.

The Philadelphia Airport Marriott has a sky-bridge from terminal B directly into the hotel, making it totally convenient for hungry travelers to spend copious amounts of money in the one restaurant in the lobby, The Riverbend Bar & Grille.

Alex and me forcing early morning smiles.

Alex was ever so nice as to meet me there for breakfast at 7am. That's right! 7-freaking-am. I told him if he were to come and keep my company for a couple hours, breakfast would be on me and he obliged despite the early wake up call.

To help us wake up, Alex got some coffee, and I had some jasmine green tea, as the sun rose over the Philly skyline.

Jasmine Green Tea and Coffee (with 2 sugar in the raws and cream).

I ordered off the "healthy" menu and got the "Crunchy French Toast". It's dipped in an egg beater batter and then rolled in crushed corn flakes.

Crunchy French Toast with sliced fruit.

It came topped with sliced strawberries and bananas and a side of low calorie syrup.

Knott's Berry Farm's Low Calorie Syrup.

Alex got just regular old french toast. I'm sure he liked it very much as he cleaned his plate, but come on, mine looks soooooo much better right?

Alex's boring old french toast.

I had to catch my plane shortly after and had to rush off to go through security again, but it was a great finish to my crazy layover in Philly, and now I've got a craving to find some good crunchy french toast recipes and try this at home.

Thanks again Alex for keeping me company.
You are a super awesome time waster and breakfast date!

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  1. It looks like so much fun ALSO I love that you look topless in these! !weeeeewww breakfast!
    xxo Haver

  2. Two hours of sleep did not treat me well, as the pictures show. But our waitress did, so no complaints. Had an awesome time :)

  3. @Becca; Hahaha I wear a lot of tube tops and strapless dresses so I look naked in most pics! LOL

    @Alex; I had a blast too! Thanks so much again! And you look fine :P


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