Friday, February 6, 2009

FoodBuzz Featured Publisher!

So some may know, some may not, but a few weeks ago I applied to become a featured publisher on this AWESOME foodie site called FoodBuzz. It's kind of like Facebook/Yelp/Any recipe site, and it's pretty much heaven for foodies like me!!

Anyway, I digress. I got a letter back from them while I was in LA, and when I got back home, printed up my VERY OWN CONTRACT! YAY!! Well, I faxed over the paperwork today to get my blog on its way to becoming featured and published though FoodBuzz!

It's exciting for me because what started as a simple "resolution" has become so much more now. I always have hated the term "New Years Resolution" because it feels like come March, I'll be bored and leave it be, but to me, this here is a life change.

My mom's friend was watching me Wii Fit the other day and she asked me when my Reunion was, and asked if after it if I would give it up. She figured I wanted to just get in shape for the Reunion and then stop come September. NOT THE CASE.

In high school I was so fit (hey weren't we all?!?!) I was a cheerleader and a dancer and I worked out 7 days a week. Back then I still felt fat and awkward, but looking back at pictures I don't really think that was the case. I realistically know that I won't be back to the fitness and shape I was at 17, but I'm glad that 10 years later I still have the drive to want to be better.

With that being said; Today I stepped on the Wii Fit and I had lost yet ANOTHER POUND! I've also unlocked a lot of new stuff and have been beating all my old records. My Wii Fit age is now 25, and not the previous 34 it was. Yay for having the fitness of a girl almost 3 years younger than me! I love that I'm getting so much healthier and feeling better and having more energy!

Ok enough of the "go berta!" post, and on to the food!!!

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