Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate 'n' Peanut Butter Bananas

I had a hankering. Sue me.

All you need is a banana, peanut butter, chocolate (chips work fine), and a double boiler (or a steady watchful eye and a microwave).

I hate heating up chocolate in the microwave because it tends to scorch and scorched chocolate is uber nasty. You can tell if you scorched it because it comes out all lumpy and burned smelling.

If you wanna try the double boiler and don't have a traditional one, you can follow me and use my (better) method.

All you need is a pan of simmering water, and a glass bowl that sits on top without TOUCHING the water. The hot steam with warm the glass enough that the chocolate will melt and not ever even get close to burning.

I halved the banana, and sliced it lengthwise, and applied peanut butter to one side of each half, and put the melted chocolate on the other half.

Voila! Instant yummy chocolate peanut butter bananas in less time than it took me to decide I wanted one. You can also wrap these in plastic wrap and throw them into the freezer, which I think would be divine as well, but I was hungry in the moment.

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