Thursday, February 12, 2009


So Jordan, Shaun and I didn't want to cook and went out to dinner, but after 10pm on a Thursday night, pretty much everything shuts down in Burbank. Except, Wokcano! Which from the takeout menu left on the door, tells us its open daily til 2am! Huzzah!!

So we drove to downtown Burbank and tried it out. The inside of Wokcano is dimly lit and has a really great "date" atmosphere. We were pretty much starving and ordered a lot of stuff.

We split an order of Edamame (but Shaun refused to try them) and each got a bowl of Miso Soup. I love love love Miso Soup, and think it's pretty hard to foul up. Wokcanos soup was very good and chock full of tofu and seaweed.

For our meals, I ordered the Double Kung Pao with no Shrimp (allergic) , sub extra chicken and a side of brown rice.

Shaun had the Singapore Fried Rice. It's basically Curried Chicken Fried Rice. He let me steal a bite and it was super yummy and quite spicy.

Jordan got the Chow Fun Noodles and a California Roll on the side.

It was a bit on the pricy side and nothing MORE spectacular than any basic Chinese food place I'd been, save for the nice decor, until...

These pretty little things came with the check.

White Chocolate dipped Fortune Cookies!! We all pretty much agreed that this saved the place since dinner cost us about $25 bucks each.The edamame alone was $5. Entrees run around $11-30, and vegetable, noodle and rice dishes are around $9 for a small bowl. Plus the service that night was a little off. It's great for late night when no other options are available, but not somewhere I'd be rushing out to or craving.

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