Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saska's in Mission Beach

Tonight was Mardi Gras and also my 28th birthday. We had plans to go to the Spaghetti Factory, but seeing as it is in the middle of the Gaslamp Quarter, where Mardi Gras was being held, and wanting to avoid as much as a crowd as possible, we decided to go somewhere else. After much deliberation and delegration at my sisters house, her boyfriend stepped up and suggested Saska's in Mission Beach.

Saskas is a seafood and steak house off of Mission Blvd down at the beach in San Diego. It's been around for 58 years, and for whatever reason, I've never ever eaten there, or even noticed it. While we were there, they were celebrating their 58th "birthday" and the restaurant was decorated in loads of streamers and banners. I just pretended they knew I was coming and got the place all ready for me.

We started off with bread, as we checked out the menu. Their garlic bread is a variation of Texas Toast, and it was very yummy, warm and the edges were nice and crunchy.

Most of Saskas menu includes various cuts of beef, with a few seafood, and non-beef options. I opted for a New York Strip seeing as it was my birthday and my daddy was paying.

I started with a bowl of chicken tortilla soup, and forgot to take a picture until a few bites into it.

My sister Katie had a salad with blue cheese dressing. She thinks I'm weird for taking pictures of my food.

The steak was deliciously decadent, served medium with rice pilaf and a side of mushrooms I pawned off on my mom. Those are 3 fried zucchini on top of my rice.

The meal ended with the first of many birthday desserts thoughout the week. Mudpie, a long standing favorite of my sister and myself.

It didn't last long.

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